1 of 4. Meeting of Two
(Made for Creativity for Peace in New Mexico, USA)

date created: 2008.0724
medium: Ink
size: 10" x 10"

I thought about the amazing work the adolescent girls from Israel and Palestine do during their attendance at Creativity for Peace in NM. I wanted to visually describe Peace by honoring the Relationship between two nations. As I drew two distinctly different and separate yet neighboring areas of lines on paper, I jotted down the feeling of what I was recording: This is peace in two parties, or countries, existing in relationship to each other. Also, I am choosing to draw with the calligraphy nib until I am aware that the ink is running out, refilling the nib, and then continuing to draw the line. Like in knitting, you knit until there is no more yarn; then you begin again with another ball of yarn. Peace is about nourishing oneself, recognizing when one becomes depleted and doing something about it to take care of oneself. Black ink on 10x10 in. acid-free drawing paper.
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