All Color Pencils 2

date created: 2008.1008
medium: Mixed Media
size: 8 x 8 in / 20.3 x 20.3 cm

My photography teacher mentioned an artist who has an interesting practice: in between planned and inspired pieces of art, he tracks passing time by drawing numbers on sheets of paper. Even when he is "uninspired," he ends up creating new work from the task he assigns himself. I decided to make more than one drawing (this is my second) using every single colored pencil in my Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor set of 72 pencils. The exercise felt like a microcosm of the concept of "daily painting." Making a commitment to use every single color is a task of humility, just as humbleness characterizes a decision to post artwork every week on an online gallery. The process of creation becomes just as important as any end product. Colored pencil, BW gelatin silver rectangle and scrap of inkjet transparency on 8x8 in. wet media paper.
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