If you feel like you want to move your art studio or rearrange elaborately, I recommend it. I moved to a new apartment for my art, and I feel different... I am using my furniture differently and making art before I have finished unpacking. My life feels like it will settle because my art life feels like it is on the brink of becoming truly vibrant. I lost a dear friend recently, and the part of me that had an identity in that friendship went away, too. I'm grieving the loss of a part of myself, but in this painting I believe I am exploring the idea that there is much richness in new elements of me that will surface from the void. This art feels beautiful to me, and it generates in me an interest in the "next thing" in my life; my own art inspires me to live - I like that. Acryla gouache and reverse graphite application on 10x10 in. watercolor paper.
New Void